2014 UK Football Women's Clinic: Man, Women Love Their Football

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Let me be honest, I was driving to Lexington at 6:00 this morning wondering how many women would show up for the 2014 UK Football Women’s Clinic. I knew that the Big Blue Nation would turn out, they always do. I was solemnly surprised with the turn out. There were hundreds of women who loved football as much as the guys do. The picture above doesn’t do any justice to the amount of women who were at this clinic. I meant to take more pictures of the crowd, but I was enjoying myself way too much and got carried away with the program.

First of all, UK Football has the best coaches. They were absolutely phenomenal when speaking to the women about football, explaining who they were and the basics of their coaching positions. I left with more knowledge about football and more respect for each individual coach on the UK Football coaching staff. Even being distracted by the program, I was able to take away a lot from what the staff had to say and was able to take notes while listening to the coaches.

Head Coach Mark Stoops, well, he’s pretty awesome. He stood around most of the day, allowing fans to walk up to him and take pictures together and get his autograph, all with a smile on his face. He was just as excited as every woman in Nutter Field House. Coach Stoops said something at the beginning of the program that stuck with me throughout, “better people make better players.” That says a lot about the program that Coach Stoops is running at the University of Kentucky, as well as about the players on the team. He is looking for players who will be the best person possible and will be held to the highest of standards while playing at the University of Kentucky. I couldn’t expect anything more from a head coach.

Other coaches came onto the stage and spoke about what positions they coached, such as…

  • Neal Brown-Quarterback Coach, he claimed that the quarterback will be the most improved position for the 2014 season, while also stating the key roles a quarterback has on the team and what he looks for when recruiting a quarterback. He looks for a special charisma, leadership and accuracy.
  • Chad Scott-Running Backs Coach, he too, gave the roles of a running back, primary ball carriers, Blitz protector and receiver out of the backfield.
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