Much Ado About Julius Randle's Right Foot

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Depending on who you listen to, Julius Randle’s right foot could drastically affect his draft status in the June 26th NBA Draft. A report surfaced yesterday by Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski that said that Randle would likely need surgery to replace a screw in his ankle. This stems from an ankle injury Randle suffered two years ago when he missed three months of his high school season.

Wojnarowski went on to say that this was a precautionary issue and that this should not affect Randle’s NBA draft status. Adrian added that several NBA executives considered this a minor issue. 

As things tend to do with matters concerning current and former Kentucky Wildcats, things tend to escalate and sometimes skew negatively.  The always impartial Jeff Goodman weighed in and added that this was indeed an issue to some NBA executives.


Julius Randle‘s foot has some NBA teams concerned.

According to several team executives, the 6-foot-9 Kentucky forward’s broken right foot hasn’t healed correctly — and sources confirmed a Yahoo! Sports report that Randle may need surgery after the June 26 NBA draft that will keep him out of summer league.

“This is an issue,” one executive told “It didn’t heal right.”

Randle refuted the report, writing on Twitter: “I never do this but it was brought to me and it’s crazy how people put stories out there and have no clue what they are talking about. No disrespect but check with the actual source next time before you put something like that out there.”

Randle’s mom, Carolyn Kyles, called the report “a lie,” according to The Courier-Journal.



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The battle over Randle’s foot continued through the day.


Julius Randle’s Godfather says the former Kentucky star does not need foot surgery.

“No, he’s not having no surgery,” Jeff Webster told Thursday by phone. “There ain’t nothing wrong with his foot.

“It’s 100 percent false.”


At this point, it’s hard to know who is correct but I would trust Wojnarowski’s story to be perhaps the more accurate one.  The surgery (if it happens) is thought to be precautionary.  Randle is feeling no pain and it did not impact him at Kentucky.  However, the NBA preseason and season is about 2.5 times the regular college season and there is a lot more travel involved.  More than likely the surgery had been planned and when the reports about it dropping Randle in the draft started, the family went into defense mode.

Randle works out today for the Celtics.

Surely you can;t have a Friday the 13th without some drama, right?


Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

While John Calipari is not leaving for the NBA, expect the above picture to inspire some Twitter yahoo to start a rumor that John Calipari is in talks to coach the Pittsburgh Pirates.

It’s Friday the 13th, so expect some foolishness.

Calipari, however, is not going anywhere but what will happen when he does?

Sports Illustrated had a list of possible Calipari suitors recently and it contained the usual suspects in Sean Miller, Shaka Smart, Tom Crean, Gregg Marshall, Billy Donovan and Jay Wright.  Personally, I think Buzz Williams should be on that list as well.  The list also contained the oddball choice of Richard Pitino in it’s “longshot” section.  But the head scratching longshot was Tim Miles.


Tim Miles, Nebraska head coach. Miles is 34-32 in two years in Lincoln, and it’s way too soon to assume the upward trajectory will continue at a steep enough rate to warrant Kentucky’s attention. The Wildcats, of course, have experience hiring an up-and-coming coach in his mid-40s from a school with little hoops tradition. Tubby Smith was 45 when he left Georgia to take over at UK in 1997 and had been a head coach for only six seasons. All he did in his first year in Lexington was win a national title. When Smith departed after 10 seasons, he was replaced by Billy Gillispie, who was 47 and had been a head coach for six years, most recently Texas A&M. Gillispie only lasted two seasons, the last of which ended in the NIT, before being fired. It’s a stretch to invoke Gillispie’s name in the same conversation as Miles, though. Miles, 47, doesn’t appear to have any of the personal baggage that Gillispie (a reputation as a workaholic and at least two previous DUI arrests) brought with him to Kentucky. One would imagine a little trepidation from the Wildcats in again hiring a coach who hasn’t occupied such a searing spotlight before. Still, if UK does come calling, Miles should be relaxed and self-deprecating enough to manage the pressures.


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