Kentucky Wildcats Football: Student Tickets on Sale


My inner freshman gets excited each time I get a UK Ticket office email. Thanks to these lovely emails, I have not missed a football game since I came to UK in fall of 2011 (I’m getting old). I’ve also been to this years Elite 8, this years sweet 16, two final fours, two national championships and every home UK/UL matchup- not too shabby.

I got a UK Athletic Ticket email yesterday reminding students to purchase their season football tickets. When I get the football ticket email each summer it’s kind of a milestone in a way. We build the upcoming season up from the second the previous one ends, especially now with Stoops and the excitement around the program. From getting early enrollees, to National Sign Day, to spring practice and the spring game we talk about football season like it is forever away. For me, the email is a reminder that it is actually happening. After the ticket email comes summer camp, then media day and fan day and before you know it its time for that first kick off.

When purchasing my tickets this morning (because all the cool kids buy them the second they’re available), it occurred to me that this will be the last season that the students sit in section 106. After this season, the renovations will be complete and students will move from the side to the lower end zone surrounding a recruiting area.


Another thought also came to me: this could be (potentially) the last season where students can actually take their time buying tickets. When I got the email the summer before my freshman year I was so concerned that they actually would sell out that I sat an alarm for 8:00 a.m. to buy tickets the day they went on sale. After arriving to my first football came to a section filled 2/3rds of the way I found that it probably wasn’t that pressing I buy them at that exact time. I did it each year, however, partially out of tradition and partially because I forget. Either way, until this point students have had the luxury of buying tickets to football games until the day of and still having space. With the Commonwealth seating decreasing and the demand for regular season tickets increasing and a continually improving football program, student season football tickets could become harder to acquire.

I’m not saying it will ever be like basketball where we essentially enter a lottery to enter a lottery and you can’t buy more than 3 or 4 games worth of tickets at a time, but we could get to a point where student season ticket packages for football DO sell out- or at least get close.


Consider this my encouragement for my fellow students to get ready to support the Cats this fall- $35 for a season package is a steal and where else would you want to be on a fall Saturday in Lexington?

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