Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Recruiting: Looking at the 2015 Class, Part IV

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Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Recruiting and the players that have gotten official offers. Here are Part I, Part II and Part III of this series. Today, we start looking at some other players in the class that Kentucky is recruiting but have yet to offer.  And at least for a few of these players, it’s a real mystery as to why these players have not been offered.


Picture from Diamond Stone's Twitter account: @Diamond_Stone33

Picture from Diamond Stone’s Twitter account: @Diamond_Stone33

C – 6’10, 253

RIVALS: ***** (3)
SCOUT:  ***** (3)
24/7:  ***** (8)
ESPN:  ***** (4)

NOTABLE OFFERS: Marquette, Wisconsin, Duke, Michigan, North Carolina, Illinois, Maryland, Indiana, Georgetown, UConn, Arizona, Kansas

Perhaps the biggest mystery surrounding Kentucky Wildcats basketball recruiting is why does Diamond Stone not have an official offer from Kentucky? Stone has been interested in Kentucky for quite a while but as of yet that offer is yet to come. Stone is in the running for the top player in this class. He is a great scorer near the basket and even takes his game outside and can hit the occasional three pointer.  Other players may be flashier, but Stone gets the dirty work done as well.  Stone averaged a double-double last year with 16.9 points and 11.6 boards.

Stone was team mates with Malik Newman on the gold medal winning USA Under 16 team and he was the second leading scorer behind Newman.  Apparently a bond was created there that has stayed strong as the big buzz is that Stone and Newman will be a package deal in college.  Rival’s TJ Walker recently discussed UK’s role in the Stone/Newman package deal and seems to suggest that Stone may have a UK offer but is keeping it quiet.  If Stone does not have an offer, it has to happen soon, right?


Again, like I’ve stated Stone is being very quiet on who exactly he has an offer from, but I think you’re going to see this package deal come down to Kentucky, Connecticut and Kansas. Those are the three common schools for the pair. 

This is just my opinion but I can’t see Connecticut winning out on both these recruits, especially being in the AAC. Yes, UConn won the title this past year and yes recruits love Kevin Ollie, but it would be a risky gamble for the two to spend their one year at Connecticut. 

So like it so often does, I imagine this will come down to Kentucky and Kansas.


Here is what ESPN has to say about Stone.


Stone is a very skilled post player. He can score with his back to the basket with jump hooks with either hand, power drop step and turn shots. He can face and straight line drive and knock down the open 3 with time from the trail spot or wing. He is a good area rebounder and on ball shot blocker as well. Stone has great hands and very good footwork for his size. Stone is a good teammate and a willing and good passer. He is also very unselfish. Stone looks to be in good shape and is carrying his 250 pounds extremely well and he seems to be more explosive and has better stamina. He will demand a double team on the high school level on every catch in order to stop him from scoring deep in the lane.

Stone will need to play with more energy and work to keep his motor running throughout the game. He will need to work on his rim running as well. Stone will also need to learn how to post deep in the lane and not play so upright which allow the defense to push him off his sweet spot. He will need to also maintain his conditioning on a year around basis. At times he does finish through contact as consistent as he should.

Bottom Line:
Stone is a skilled center that can score in the post in a variety of ways in addition to facing. He is a go to guy demands a double team and a high major prospect.


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