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2014 NBA Finals: Tim Duncan Is Talking Smack and Everything

Tim Duncan is a few precious seconds away from being 5-0 in the NBA Finals. He has Ray Allen to blame primarily for him having a blemish and being 4-1 instead. Miami was on life support in game 6. One San Antonio defensive rebound would have finished them off.

It never came and Miami survived game 6 and prevailed in a hard fought game 7.

No doubt this has been festering with Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs, as well it should.

Tim Duncan is stoic and unflappable. Outside of protesting some foul calls here and there or getting run by Joey Crawford the Big Fundamental is as even keeled as it gets. The guy just doesn’t react to much at all.

Check out Duncan and Kevin Garnett form back in the day.

KG, who is as animated as Duncan is stoic slapped him right upside his head and Duncan still didn’t lose his composure. The word on the street and around the league is that Duncan really has some serious beef with KG as well.

So when, after dispatching the Oklahoma City Thunder, Duncan say “We’ll do it this time.” when referring to avenging last season’s loss to Miami this was the equivalent of some Gary Payton level trash coming from Duncan.

It’s cool to hear him say it. Everyone knows he’s passionate despite his emotionless exterior. Nice to see him let a little bit of it seep out, or in his case overflow.

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