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Revenue Is The Reason Why The Kentucky Wildcats Will Never Leave The SEC

There are a fair number of people out there that have been clamoring for a few years now that the Kentucky Wildcats hop on the realignment train and move to the ACC, where the basketball competition is better and the football team stands a better chance. However, there is one big thing that stands between this move making complete sense and it making no sense at all. That thing is MONEY. Money drives just about everything in this world, and college athletics is no different. In fact, the numbers for conference revenue were released earlier today, and the SEC is once again shown to be filth rich. In fact, take a look below for the figures from the last six seasons for the SEC, which was put together by the folks over at KSR.

2009: $165.9 million
2010: $233.3 million
2011: $248.1 million
2012: $256.9 million
2013. $304.7 million
2014: $309.6 million

Now, looking into those numbers a little further and applying a little simple math, each school will receive approximately $20.9 million after some deductions. This is an insane amount, which is a $3 million increase over last year. If that’s not enough to quiet the talks of the Kentucky Wildcats leaving the SEC, then this will be. The revenue from this season did not include any sort of TV deal that will resemble the upcoming SEC Network. Once the new SEC Network is in place, expect these revenue figures to skyrocket from where they are now. In other words, Kentucky will have access to more money than any other team in the country OUTSIDE the SEC. So yes, more wins would be nice, but the money is simply too much to turn down. Don’t expect Kentucky, or any other school, to leave the SEC anytime soon.

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