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For John Calipari and Mark Stoops Extended Is the Word of the Week

John Calipari and Mark Stoops have some things in common. Both are fiery and intense during games. They both hail from hard-working blue-collar towns (Moon Township, PA and Youngstown, OH respectively).

This week they both shared the word extended at the same time. By now most of us have seen the picture Brad Calipari tweeted out after his pops came out of hip replacement surgery.

Coach Cal has to be off of his feet for an extended period of time.

By no means do you ever want to wish hip replacement surgery on anyone. That said, that’s about the only way Cal can be slowed down. Even the least observant Kentucky fan had to notice how he was limping and hobbling around last season. He zips and runs and buzzes around non stop whether in the off-season recruiting or appearing at different functions and engagements.

In this regard, he reminds of my 93-year-old Granny Hardy. She never stops, no matter how much her children and grandchildren try to encourage her to rest a little bit. She only “stops” when she is feeling a little bad and has to rest. Then you can corral her to a degree.

Cal is the same way. Some down time where he is forced to do completely nothing isn’t all bad.

Sure, he’s not out and about on the recruiting trail but Barry “Slice” Rohrssen is in the fold now and will no doubt hit the ground running.

Everything will take care of itself.

Mark Stoops was extended in the more traditional sense when you think of a head coach getting extended. His contract, which expired in 2017 now runs through 2019 and he was given a raise as well.

He has recruited at a historic level since he’s been at Kentucky. If the “coaching up” takes place at anywhere near the same rate a nice turnaround is in store. Stoops’ work isn’t going unnoticed but to really turn heads the Cats will have to sneak up on some people on the field as we know.

Just give him a little time.

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