The rumors are flying...


Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

With the Lakers head-coaching job now vacant, of course the rumors about who will take over spiked suddenly. A soon as the whispering started, John Calipari knew he’d have to act fast to prevent the worries and fears of the Big Blue Nation. Almost immediately, Kentucky’s head coach made a statement that he was really excited about Kentucky’s team this upcoming season and had every intention of coaching this team to the greatness that they should’ve achieved last year. This was talked about to remove any doubt in the minds of his team and of fans; John Calipari wasn’t going anywhere. In spite of this, reports have still come out that Calipari is interviewing for the position. Who could blame him? It’s the NBA. After Calipari’s clear statement that he’s staying, the phenomenon that he is leaving is heavily reported. Journalists need a story, and speculating about the seemingly believable circumstance, is the perfect thing to report. Hopefully, the rumors will be put down for the final time very soon. Good luck to the Lakers in their intense coaching search!

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