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JUCO DB Michael Mathis To Join The Kentucky Wildcats Football Team

With Kentucky football in rebuilding mode, any news of a potential commitment or arrival is something of a relief. This becomes especially true when it is a position of major need, such as wide receiver or defensive back. Well, the news that came out yesterday in regards to Kentucky football is good news based on the above criteria. JUCO DB Michael Mathis has announced that he will be joining the team this summer as a scholarship player, which is music to Mark Stoops’ ears. The more help, talent, and depth he can get for this upcoming season, the better.

Now, the reason that Michael Mathis’ name might sound familiar is because he was originally a part of the 2014 recruiting class. However, he was not set to graduate until this summer, which worried the coaching staff that he might not make it to campus. With the lack of bodies already an issue, the staff couldn’t risk that and asked Mathis to step back so they could fill all 28 spots. Of course, they let him know that they would monitor his academics and make a decision once he graduated. Now that this is a certainty, the staff has decided to bring him on this summer as a scholarship player.

With open scholarship spots available, it would make sense that the staff would allow him on the team with open arms. Mathis can come in right away and compete for playing time, allowing the younger guys to sit and get stronger and faster before having to be thrown into the action. It is a win-win, as the depth issue is shored up a bit more and the experience factor will bode well for immediate impact on the field. If Mathis can hold his own, then a weakness could become a strength ver y quickly with the return of JD Harmon to accompany Michael on the field. Fans should expect to see a much improved secondary from last year, which only had one interception all year.

This addition might go unnoticed for now, but come game time, it will be one of the most important for the 2014 Kentucky Wildcats football team. Keep an eye on Mr. Mathis, folks. He could be the gem and boost this team needs to sway a few games their way.

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