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Ryan Timmons The MVP Of Kentucky Wildcats Football?

It is no secret that the Kentucky Wildcats football team is in the midst of a major uprising, lead by second year coach Mark Stoops. This uprising is something that many Wildcat faithful have longed for, but have never experienced. Sure, they got close under Rich Brooks, but even he wasn’t able to win more than eight games in a single season. Of course, when Stoops took over, the cupboard was bare and the talent was sparse. The first major recruit he hauled in? That would be Ryan Timmons. An instate kid who choose to be part of the uprising instead of spurning them for more battle-ready teams. It is this reason, amongst others, that Ryan Timmons will be the key -a hero- to this season.

Last year, fans saw a team that lacked talent and depth. The little talent we had lied mostly with the newcomers, something that didn’t bode well for winning games. Hence, a second straight 2-10 season. This season, however, felt different. They were competitive in some games. Against Florida and South Carolina, the 2013 Wildcats stood their ground and fought, despite the talent gap. This coming season provides something last season didn’t…talent. The influx of talent Mark Stoops has been able to inject into this team has been nothing short of phenomenal. And the most important piece of this years team, based on the spring game, is going to be Ryan Timmons.

Ryan Timmons is a versatile player. Last season, he showed us he can line up in the backfield, out wide at receiver, or back on special teams to return kicks. And yesterday, he showed us all what he could really do. After putting on some more weight and increasing his speed, Ryan Timmons showcased his elusiveness and uncanny ability to make defenders miss in yesterday’s spring game. It is this ability to get out into the open field and turn on the afterburners that makes Ryan Timmons a viable option for the offense. An offense that has young talent and little depth at the receiver position. With a year under his belt, it is going to be Ryan Timmons time to shine. Along side Javess Blue, Ryan Timmons must step up his game and become the playmaker we all know he can be in game situations. It is on his shoulders that the offense will thrive or die. And with any luck at all, it will thrive. The Air Raid sirens will howl. And the 2014 Kentucky Wildcats will make some noise in the mighty Southeastern Conference.

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