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King Rex Stirred Up the Fan Base, Learned Some Social Media Lessons

When you hear the words King Rex, what comes to mind? Highlights and great plays from one of the best players to ever come out of the state of Kentucky. He did it in high school at Apollo, during his time at UK and then capped off a 12 year NBA career.

He is still very fond of Kentucky and all things UK. His work during the game against Wisconsin as part of the UK Final Four Teamcast on TNT proved that. However if you somehow hadn’t heard, his tweet before the national championship game has caused all of the fuss.

Oh snap! Rex went on Kentucky Sports Radio and several other national shows to explain himself. He said that the timing of the tweet wasn’t good and that he would have done that differently. Fortunately neither the coaching staff nor the players got word of this before the UConn game so that distraction was avoided. The questions about this were waiting during the post game though. In his defense Rex did say “word is” in the beginning of the tweet which is akin to the old rumor has it line. However, the #DoneDeal in the middle of the tweet trumps that. Fans are upset, perplexed and downright boiling mad at Rex over this. He said he trusted his sources and also didn’t think his tweet would have that big of an impact. Personally, I’m not mad at Rex. The Lakers season has been over for a while but it will officially be over in a few more (4) games and what they do remains to be seen. I kind of find it hard to believe that Rex was unaware of the impact this would have. He has nearly 45,200 followers on Twitter. That’s nearly enough to fill Rupp Arena twice. Twitter has only been around since 2006, Rex last played for Kentucky in 1988. That tells you how he’s still viewed by Kentucky fans. He’s also sent out over 16,000 tweets and interacts with people all of the time. He doesn’t have to be a social media whiz, but he had to have an idea of how much impact he has. If he didn’t, he does now.

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