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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball- Stars, Behind the Basketball

Stars Behind the Basketball

When thinking about athletic stars, it’s only natural that we think of the people that played the most minutes, or made the most points, or contributed the most, but that’s not always what makes someone a star. As John Calipari said in an interview after the Elite 8 game, Jon Hood was a hero of the game, as well. He’s not an assistant coach, he may not even be a player that gets too much playing time, but he contributes to the team in ways that are unseen.  He’s not afraid to give Calipari he’s opinion on plays, or players, and so far, it’s worked out well.

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Marcus Lee, Hidden Talent

Up until the Elite 8 game last weekend, freshman forward, Marcus Lee, had seen no more than 2 minutes of playing time all season. With only 18 minutes of playing time in the 2013-14 season, and 15 of which being against Michigan on Sunday, Lee hadn’t accumulated any points or any stats for that matter, for the majority of the season. In his 15 minutes against Michigan, Lee showed the big blue nation what he was al about and accumulated 10 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 blocks.

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Life Without Willie

It goes without saying that Kentucky’s big man this year is the 7-foot, Cauley-Stein. He has averaged 6.8 points per game this season, making him the fifth highest average scorer of the Kentucky Wildcats. After a recent injury and what is believed to be a stress fracture in his foot, Cauley- Stein will not be available to play in Kentucky’s Final Four game against Wisconsin on Saturday. Although they have been able to win without him, Willie Cauley-Stein will be greatly missed by his Kentucky teammates and fans as the team advances.

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2014 NCAA Tournament Theme

The theme in this year’s NCAA Tournament has been upsets. They have occurred in games between all different teams that are played all over the country. The most surprising of all was Mercer’s surprising defeat of the much higher ranked, Duke. If this has become a trend, there’s no reason it shouldn’t continue. Although this may be bad news for Wisconsin, it should be a glimmer of hope for Kentucky fans as their team heads into the Final Four.

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A Badger and A Cat

This Saturday, when Kentucky takes on Wisconsin in the Final Four, fan bases will be a huge factor. The game is being played in Dallas, which is very far from both states and schools. Only the die-hard fans will travel to an away game, especially one that far. It is hard to tell with a school you know nothing about, but one thing I do know is that Wisconsin is not known for such an impressive fan base as the Big Blue Nation, and considering which tickets are left available now, there will be plenty of students from both schools in attendance.








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