Mar 21, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; Kentucky Wildcats guard Aaron Harrison (2) celebrates with teammates Andrew Harrison (5) and James Young (1) against the Kansas State Wildcats in the first half during the 2nd round of the 2014 NCAA Men

Ready, Set, Play!


Ready, Set, Play!

            With what we are expecting from Witchita State, Kentucky will have no choice but be ready to play as soon as they step foot onto the court. Kentucky takes on Witchita State at 2:45 today on CBS. Kentucky should expect nothing less than talent and athleticism from the moment the game begins. Here’s to hoping that our players are rested, energized, and fresh to come out as the best we know they can be.

“We’ll be busy preparing for a great Witchita State team. You don’t go  undefeated without having really good players, which Witchita State does.” –Kentucky Coach, John Calipari, tweeted Saturday

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Upset City

            With upsets running rampant, who’s to say they won’t continue? Although there is quite a vast difference in rankings with the Kentucky vs. Witchita State game, an upset is possible, as it has been in many games so far. Kentucky fans maybe shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet, this game with take a lot of effort and strength on both ends of the court. Don’t count out the underdog; they might surprise you.

Are we 100%?

            Andrew Harrison, in Kentucky’s tournament win against Kansas State, was injured. There is little doubt that the freshman will be available today, but Kentucky fans must hold out hope that he is 100% recovered. The assumption and only statement as of yet, is that Harrison hyperextended his elbow. If this is, in fact, the case- recovery should be a quick and simple process. Harrison still expects to play, as usual, in the game today and must be careful of re-injury.

“I’ll get another arm or something. I’ll be all right. Coach told me about (swiping), too. I don’t know why I did it. It’s what I deserve, I guess. Been taught that ever since you started playing basketball. But hey, that’s what I get.” –Andrew Harrison said in a post game interview

Mandatory Credit: Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Be a Team

            Witchita State typically does an exceptional job of playing as a team. So well, in fact, that opposing teams comment on it. Whether it is intimidating or just impressive, the teamwork displayed draws attention. That is exactly what Kentucky should shoot for, not only today, but for their continuation in the tournament, as well. Among other things, teamwork, as cliché as it sounds, greatly contributed to Witchita State’s success thus far.

“They are a really good team and all play very well together. They are the ideal team that people talk about.” –Willie Cauley-Stein said in preparation for today’s game



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