Tweaking Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Players are mum on what it is

When it comes to the “tweak” that John Calipari was talking about, the members of the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team may as well be singing the refrain of the Go Go’s iconic hit from the eighties. Their lips are sealed.

Especially Julius Randle, who the media tried to get the answer from several times yesterday.


Searching for a scrap of information, reporters asked Randle whether the practice felt like a breakthrough moment because of the tweak.

“You’re not getting it from me,” Randle said. “You’ll see it on Friday.”

Jokingly, another media member asked whether the change was a move for Randle to point forward.

“You’re not getting it from me,” Randle said. “You’ll see it on Friday.”

Was a complete departure from what the Wildcats had done before or merely an enhancement?

Julius Randle was named SEC Freshman of the Year on Tuesday after averaging a double-double during the regular season. (photo by Chris Reynolds)

“You’re not getting it from me,” Randle said, singing a familiar tune. “You’ll see it on Friday.


So the Big Blue Nation continues to wonder what the tweak is and what may have inspired the tweak, but everyone is mum.  Some of the guesses have been bizarre and out there, but that is fitting since this is a coach that had a session of dodgeball at a practice last year.  Regardless, the team seems to be buying into the tweak and know it must be carried over into the game Friday night.  


“All I can tell you is there was a different feel in the building,” Calipari said. “It was not just the tweaking of what we did. It was the physical play brought something out of them that I wanted to see.”

Said Cauley-Stein: “It felt like we was back in our groove before we lost the Arkansas game. We kind of had that feel, almost like that swagger was coming back to our team.”

Optimistic as he may be about the changes, Coach Cal knows their true impact won’t be known until later.

“Again, you gotta carry it over to the court,” Calipari said. “And it isn’t just that. When adversity hits – you know, teams from here on are fighting for their lives, so adversity will hit. What do you do now? How do you deal with it?”

Tweaks and all, Calipari and the Cats will be doing everything they can to position themselves to respond in the best way possible.


If this “tweak” Coach Calipari made for the SEC Tournament works out for the Wildcats than they should win the tournament and earn a higher seed for March Madness. When they find out what seed that is and who they’re playing in the Big Dance you can get your NCAA Tournament tickets here.

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