Mar 8, 2014; Gainesville, FL, USA; Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari reacts against the Florida Gators during the first half at Stephen C. O

Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: John Calipari, Julius Randle and Dakari Johnson Post Florida

The Kentucky Wildcats were in Gainesville today with hopes to knock off the #1 ranked Florida Gators. Things didn’t go as planned for the Wildcats. Digging themselves a hole deep, they were down 22 going into the half. Within the second half, the Wildcats got the game within 6 points, but the Gators always had an answer. The Gators walk away 18-0 in the SEC with a  84-65 win against the Wildcats.

Let’s take a look at what was said during the post Florida press conference.

John Calipari

On the loss against Florida

Unfortunate, but they are that good. If you don’t come and play, you’re going to get smashed.

On key to UK

They play off one another..and that’s the kind of stuff we’re not getting right now

On his thought on drives

You can’t on drives think you’re going to get bailed out with fouls. You’re not.

On his team


We’re not there yet, but…My whole vision of this team is we’re going to get it.

You’ve got your chance and we come down and take two of the worst shots we’ve taken all year. But that’s what freshman do.

On the key to the run his Wildcats had

Poythress’ defense

On the SEC Tournament

We’ve got to get the mojo going, and we’ve got to do it there.

Julius Randle and Dakari Johnson

Randle on the team’s mindset on themselves

Guys in the locker room, we all still believe, but theres a point where we have to put it into action. I still think we will.

Johnson on the team

I know a lot of people don’t believe we can do it. But it’s on us.

Randle on upcoming games and importance

Every game is important to us.






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