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1st Half Update: Kentucky Wildcats Trail Florida Gators 49-28

Kentucky came put ready to play, going back and forth with the Florida Gators. James Young lead the way for the Wildcats out of the gate, going 2-3 from the three point line in the first four minutes of play.  This allowed the young team from Kentucky to hang around heading into the under-16 timeout, where they trailed 12-8. Unfortunately for Kentucky, things took a turn for the worse  real quick. The next four minutes of play saw Florida outscore the Wildcats 5-0. Heading into the under-12 timeout, Kentucky’s deficit was extended to nine points. Florida was leading 17-8.

The play was more or less even over the next four minutes of play, as Kentucky was able to get their offense going at a normal pace. In fact, the Wildcats were able to outscore the Gators 8-7. This was once again lead by James Young, as he scored five more points in this span to cut Florida’s lead to 24-16 at the under-8 timeout. However, the Florida Gators were able to push the ball and pour it on the young Wildcats in the next four minutes of play. An eight point game was blown open to a 19 point game at the under-4 timeout.

Florida was able to extend that lead by one more bucket before the half ended. The halftime score gives a big advantage to Florida, as Kentucky trails by 21 points by a score of 49-28. Kentucky has to figure out a way to claw their way back into this game if they want to stay in the top 25 heading into the SEC tournament. The story of the second half should be adjustments, something John Calipari has to be willing to make. This has been your 1st half update. Stay tuned after the game for the second half recap.

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