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Dominique Wilkins Lets Us Know How He Really Feels About the Charlotte Bobcats' Defense

Dominique Wilkins has been my guy ever since I was a kid, my all time favorite NBA player. Thanks to TBS carrying the Atlanta Hawks’ games when I was growing up I got to see him play. Twitter is something ‘Nique hadn’t taken on until recently.

Like another Atlanta legend, Hank Aaron, Wilkins had joined Twitter but had not sent out many tweets. Like Aaron, Wilkins didn’t take long to make some popular statements, or in his case polarizing statements.

LeBron James’ 61 point outburst against the Charlotte Bobcats gave The Human Highlight Film plenty of material. (h/t to Kyle Newport of

The Bobcats are bad and in past years they have been awful. However, in this year’s Eastern Conference they aren’t to bad. At 28-33, the Bobcats are currently the No. 7 seed in the East and are the seventh most efficient defensive team in the league.

There wasn’t anyone to make him work on the defensive end, unless they put him on Al Jefferson, who was having his way with Miami’s bigs.

The Bobcats are pretty solid statistically, but this isn’t the first time they have been lit up this season. Carmelo Anthony also topped the 60 point plateau on them.

Bless his heart, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was on the receiving end of a lot of the points by both Carmelo and LeBron. However Carmelo had a lot clean looks as well. MKG is resilient, he will learn and grow from both of these experiences.

Kobe Bryant dropped 81 on the Toronto Raptors a few years ago as well. As ‘Nique well knows, sometimes elite players have elite nights no matter what the defense tries to do to stop them.

In no way am I trying to argue with my man ‘Nique. He will forget to forget more basketball than I will ever know if he hasn’t done so already. It was just cool hearing his thoughts on LeBron’s big night.

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