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Dan Patrick joins the media bandwagon that thinks John Calipari may leave Kentucky

Tonight is Senior Night for the Kentucky Wildcats Basketball team in which the Big Blue Nation will bid goodbye to Jarrod Polson and Jon Hood. Recent media speculation indicates there is a possibility that this could be John Calipari’s Rupp Arena farewell as well. That is what the national media has been preaching, but I don’t buy the hype.

Dan Patrick is the latest to say that this could be it for Calipari at UK and supposedly, he has a source at UK that indicates that this could be the case. Yesterday, Andy Katz talked about the possibility and the gang from PTI weighed in as well. First thing to realize is that these occured on TALK SHOWS and it is their job to find provocative topics to get people talking and what could get tongues wagging more than the possibility of Calipari leaving?

I have to say that I really do no see this happening nor have I heard anything that would indicate that it is so. Patric is the only one to state a source and it’s unclear who he is talking to, but no other Kentucky media seems to have found this same source yet either.

From what we know about Calipari, it is really not like him to leave the way this season is going. While frustrating, Cal is not the one to leave on a down note. His daughters have obviously heard the talk and it’s interesting they respond to the “Calipari getting fired” buzz rather than the Cal leaving for the NBA buzz.


I’m not privy to the Calipari family talks but in most families, you would think the kids may have a clue if Dad was thinking of leaving voluntarily. Or gotten a call to say that these rumors are not true. It seems that the Calipari girls seem entrenched for a fight against those that want to bash their father rather than preparing for a retreat. It’s all reading tea leaves and speculation, but an interesting point.

Also keep in mind Calipari was made for the Kentucky job and I don’t see him abandoning it after five years. This is a guy who reached out to both Bill Keightley and Adolph Rupp’s families shortly after arriving in Lexington. I don’t see him giving up a dream job without a fight.

The national media seems to think otherwise however, and here is Dan Patrick’s comments today.

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