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Former Kentucky Wildcats in the NBA: Doron Lamb's Magical Night

On a normal Thursday morning, I’d recap how well all former Wildcats did in their NBA game Wednesday night. I could go on about how John Wall posted his second career triple double (which is impressive) or how Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is still struggling after coming back from his injury.There is one former Wildcat that doesn’t get much attention in my Thursday morning recaps, his name is Doron Lamb. That’s going to change this morning, Doron Lamb showed who he truly is as a player in the Orlando Magic’s 112-109 loss to the Atlanta Hawks, the true player Kentucky fans knew he already was.

Doron Lamb only played for a mere 19 minutes for the Orlando Magic before fouling out of the game. Doesn’t seem like a long period of time for Lamb to have contributed greatly to his team, but he didn’t need much time tonight to be a positive impact. Lamb made 5 out of his 6 total shots, 3 out of 4 of his baskets were from behind the arc. The lone shot Lamb missed was from behind the arc. After picking up 6 quick could in 19 minutes, Lamb received a standing ovation from Magic fans. Lamb ended his night with a season high 13 points. Along with his fast points for the Magic, Lamb also picked up a vital rebound for the Magic.

In Doron Lamb’s last four games for the Orlando Magic, he played a total of 7 minutes, and in two out of the four games, he didn’t play at all. One of those games was against the Brooklyn Nets, Lamb only took 1 shot (a three pointer) and 3 free throws, making them all for a total of 6 points. In the other three games, Lamb didn’t even take a shot. Whether it was a confidence issue or what, his unwillingness to take a shot ended tonight against the Atlanta Hawks.

Coming out with a vengeance and scoring his season high 13 points in a solid 19 minutes playing time, Lamb seems to be taking strides in the right direction in becoming the best player he can be, awesome to see another former Wildcat finding themselves and becoming more successful in the NBA.


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