SEC Teleconference: Week 2

The theme of John Calipari’s conference had to do mostly with Julius Randle. Why is he cramping? How do you fix the cramping? Suggestive solutions to the cramping problem. Another bit was getting Randle to pass the ball out of the post quicker. People are playing him like they played Shaq at LSU. Coach Calipari also touched on Alex Poythress’s shooting woes and how he’s become a winning player.

As afore-mentioned, Coach Calipari addressed the cramping problem with Julius Randle.

Well, first of all, I really believe he’s gotta get to cramping in practice. He’s gotta go that hard in practice. He’s not cramping in practice, so that leads me to believe he’s gotta step on the gas there. We have to get him a quicker rotation, so that he’s in and out, instead of standing on the floor 7,8,9 minutes, 10 minutes. That way he’s out there 3-4 minutes come out, go back in, play a little bit of a different rotation.

Cal on Julius Randle’s play

He’s played well, but he’s always got three guys guarding him.”
We’re trying to get him, where if he feels a quick trap, to get rid of it. But it’s hard. He’s working hard, and they’re taking a lot of his stuff away, BUT he’s still rebounding the ball running the floor well. Double digit rebounds. Sometimes you have to play the game as it comes.

On Shaq reference. “Everybody plays him, and he’s not Shaq, but that’s how they’re playing him. When you watch tape, he catches it, he has 3 guys on him. The guy guarding him, and the two nearest guys crowd him.

Cal on Alex Poythress’ shooting woes:

That stuff will all come in line…. He’s now put himself in position to become a winning player. The dunks that he had, the was contact from his knee to his elbow on all those, and he still dunked them. So now, you gotta make free-throws. You were 70 percent from the line last year. I’m glad he took the jumper. In the first half he was tentative, no question about it. And in the second half he played.

Quick Notes:

Mike Anderson – Arkansas Head Coach
– This Kentucky team is very very talented.
– Playing at a high level right now
– Kentucky presents a problem with their size
– Randle playing as well as anyone in the SEC, or the country for that matter.
– Willie plays unselfishly, great passer, runs the floor like a deer, just more established this year. Offense is better too
– Twins can score in a variety of ways
– Arkansas has to limit Kentucky’s transition baskets. Have to make it a full court game, rather a half court game which favors Kentucky.

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