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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Natives are the Glue for the Young Kentucky Wildcats

In a previous post, I touched base on the idea of Dominique Hawkins having the potential to become the next Darius Miller for the young Kentucky Wildcats, unknowingly that in the next game, another fellow Kentuckian would step up and be the glue for the  Wildcats in their hard fought 71-62 win against Vanderbilt in Memorial Gymnasium. That fellow Kentuckian would be Wildcat veteran Jarrod Polson. Hailing from Wilmore, Kentucky, a short 20 to 25 minute drive from Lexington, .he is a fan favorite and becoming much needed glue for these young Wildcats

Last season, point guard struggles plagued the Wildcats, but gave Polson an opportunity to improve his game because he was being back up point guard. With the experience last season, Polson is able to be the glue for the young Wildcats this year, he has the experience that the Harrison twins don’t yet have and has the understanding of what Kentucky Basketball is and knows that Kentucky is every teams “SuperBowl”, and he doesn’t let that shake him.

The Vanderbilt game was filled with offensive struggles by the young Wildcats. Young players were letting the away game woes shake them, even though Memorial Gymnasium had its fair share of Wildcat fans, causing a desperate need for someone to hold them together. Polson played 14 minutes, but had an impact as if he had played the entire game. He went out and scored 6 points, going 2-3 from the field, making two much needed 3-pointers to add onto the Cats lead. He didn’t make ill advised plays or take desperate shots as a young player would do, he creates a sense of calmness for the team when he plays.  Polson’s veteran leadership and knowledge of Kentucky Basketball gives him an upside over the younger Wildcats, but allows the team to trust him in the long run, giving the Wildcats a true upper hand as they venture on into the SEC. Kentucky Natives on the Wildcats Basketball team will continue to be an upside for the Cats, they’re the only ones who won’t need to learn what Kentucky Basketball is and as the rest of the team learns, the Kentucky Natives, specifically Dominique Hawkins and Jarrod Polson thus far, are working on their game and becoming the glue needed for the team to completely come together.

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