Mar 31, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari (right) greets Louisville Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino before the semifinals of the 2012 NCAA men

Louisville Cardinals fans wish the Kentucky Wildcats were a rivalry

 Mandatory Credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Merry Christmas, Big Blue Nation!  I hope your day is filled with all you want and need.

As you’re probably aware by now, many have dubbed this “Louisville Hate Week” but there’ll be none of that here because what’s the point?  Really, what’s the point in running down the Louisville Cardinals and their fan base?  I’m not gonna stereotype their line beards and pristine criminal records or how their coach has redefined the term “indefinite.”  Not gonna do it because we’re better than that.

Make no mistake, 12/28/2013 has been circled on their calendar all season where as the “good guys” don’t view this as anymore than the next game on the schedule.  But hey, it’s alright.  I mean it’s Louisville.  What kind of people make fun of the “less fortunate?”  Not us.  Well, not me anyway.  It never behooves the superior to attack the inferior.  Though Clark Kellogg has dubbed this the best rivalry going, it’s not a rivalry at all.  Not even close.

John Calipari suffered his first loss to Louisville last year as the Kentucky head coach, winning his first four, including busting them in the 2012 Final Four.  In the 45 game history between the Louisville Cardinals and Kentucky Wildcats, the Wildcats record is 30-15.  I repeat, 30-15!  If you think that’s anything less than domination, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in.

Seriously, what makes these games so intense starts with the fan bases and ends with the coaches.  To quote Coach Cal re: fans, “you’re crazy!”  You get no argument from me.  But to be fair, it’s tough to hold your tongue when you’re on the dominant side of history.  Sure Louisville has our old, traitor coach and managed to eventually win another National Championship but that’s nothing compared to our the program leading all programs in wins and having the second most National Championships (8) with sights set on +9 in 2014.

It’s not looking great right now, but by season’s end, this team will look much different but for now, Louisville is the next game on the schedule.  Ho hum.


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