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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Reflecting On Louisville Games Gone By

I’m going to start off by saying something I think most Kentucky and Louisville fans can agree on.

Yes that is possible.

I think the rivalry is underrated nationally. Duke and North Carolina get a lot more hype. Unlike UK and U of L, they play twice a year. If they split their regular season series, what does that accomplish? They can potentially meet four times in one season when you add in the conference and NCAA tourneys.

Granted, the Cats and Cards did meet in the 2012 Final Four. This is the exception much more than the rule though.

The rivalry between Kentucky and Louisville is just as intense as their counterpart’s down on Tobacco Road. Since they usually only play once a year Kentucky and Louisville is more on the level of Auburn versus Alabama.

Minus the over the top absurd craziness of course.

The entire Commonwealth looks forward to this game. The bragging rights last 364 days. I, like many other Kentuckians have family members that are Cards fans. My uncle (my dad’s older brother) lives in Louisville and is a Cardinal through and through.

As a kid growing up, the minute the UK-U of L game ended the loser would get a phone call. If Louisville won, my dad would answer the phone and endure whatever barbs my uncle would throw his way. If Kentucky won, my dad would call my uncle and talk a little smack to him.

Any time we see our U of L relatives, regardless of the time of year, the previous Cats-Cards clash is guaranteed to be mentioned. Talk will also turn to what will happen in the upcoming contest between the rivals.

It never fails, that’s just the way it is.

So there’s no better time than right now to reflect on some great UK moments against Louisville from years gone by.


Cedric “Swoop” Jenkins swoops in and saves the Cats at the last second. Literally.


The kid from Central City was as cool as the other side of the pillow. Sank thise two free throws like it was nothing.


Watching King Rex have his way with the Cards never gets old. The fact that he posterizes then Cards forward and current UK assistant Kenny Payne is just gravy.


The nastiest of the nasty. It’s debatable for sure, but this is the nastiest dunk in UK history in my opinion. Louisville native Derek Anderson returns home and dishes out so much punishment it should be illegal.

For outsiders who are new to this rivalry these highlights are just a glimpse of what the rivalry is all about. Tune in this Saturday for the newest chapter.

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