Larry Warford, The Former Kentucky Wildcat, Making His Way In NFL

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Larry Warford

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off of a 2-10 season for the Kentucky Wildcats, it may appear as though there is nothing to keep Wildcat fans interested in football. And for the most part, those fans would be correct. With basketball in full swing and the Cats long gone in the football world, why would fans subject themselves to watching teams they have no ties to? Well, the answer lies in the NFL with former Wildcats who have been lucky enough to move on. One such Wildcat, a rookie this season for the Detroit Lions, has found himself a nice little niche in fact. Larry Warford, who was a standout on the offensive line while at Kentucky, arrived in the NFL with promise. What would happen next, however, would surprise everyone.

Larry Warford has started EVERY GAME as a rookie this season for the Detroit Lions…yes all 14 games…at the guard spot on their offensive line. He has been an anchor on the offensive line that is largely responsible for the resurgence of Matthew Stafford. It is this kind of resurgence, in fact, that is getting the o-line recognized more. Here is what Michael Rothstein of has to say about Larry Warford thus far:

According to Pro Football Focus, Warford has not allowed a sack in any of his 946 snaps this season. He’s allowed Detroit’s quarterbacks to be hit a total of four times and hurried nine times. All of those are numbers that are at a Pro Bowl level for the player who was beginning to prepare for the NFL draft at this point last year. PFF rates him as the fourth-best guard in the NFL and the second-best right guard behind Denver’s Louis Vasquez.

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