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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Misfiring On Some Cylinders

The month of December is just a tad more than halfway over and the Kentucky Wildcats have three losses. They fell just short once again in a “statement” game against one of the better teams on the schedule. As is often the case with such a young team it was a case of not quite being able to have everyone clicking at the same time.

In the 82-77 loss at North Carolina on Dec. 14, Andrew and Aaron Harrison fought and battled. They combined for 37 points, nine rebounds, seven assists and three steals. For the first time Julius Randle truly looked like a freshman by his standards while chipping in 11 points and five rebounds.

I’m not going to pretend that I’m a car guy or even a real mechanical guy for that matter. Those of you that are, take a second and visualize your favorite vehicle. It may be a muscle car, import or heavy-duty truck. Your choice, it doesn’t matter. Now listen in your mind’s ear to those respective motors and how they sound when they are firing on all cylinders.

You know exactly how they are supposed to sound.

Now imagine the sound when they are just a little bit off. Maybe the engine is missing just a little bit. The solution may be quick, but it is still something that has to be done.

The young Wildcats find themselves in a similar situation. They aren’t that far off from being a finely tuned squad. The fixes (free throws, defensive rotations etc.) seem like they can be made fairly quickly.

King Rex is right. He had a similar tweet after the Baylor game as well. It isn’t like this team is incapable of becoming the team everyone envisions. It’s just going to take a little while for them to meld together and find their collective groove. All three of their losses this season are by a combined 14 points. If teams continue to remain adamant about refusing to let Julius Randle beat them he can rack up bushels of assists by giving the rock to any one of his wide open teammates. They would have no trouble making opposing teams pay. The Belmont Bruins (8-4) are the next team Kentucky will have an opportunity to make pay. As we all know, they went to Chapel Hill and won. If Kentucky comes out firing on all cylinders their trip to Rupp Arena will have a slightly different ending.

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