Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: It's gonna get better

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Like most of the Big Blue Nation, I experienced the gamut of emotions during and after Saturday’s 82-77 loss to North Carolina. And after any loss, I went through the five stages of loss and grief.

  1. Denial –  “Oh come on!  This can’t be happening! I refuse to believe we just lost another game”.
  2. Anger –  “Calipari needs to bench all these NBA wannabes and go with guys who want to be here”
  3. Bargaining – “OK.  Beat Belmont and Louisville and we will be OK”
  4. Depression –  “This really sucks.  I wonder if Dairy Queen is still open”.
  5. Acceptance –  “OK.  Maybe we aren’t that good … right now”.

Trust me.  I am a life long Miami Dolphin/Cincinnati Reds/Orlando Magic fan. I am used to the brutal reality of unfulfilled promise on a season.

But the Kentucky WIldcats basketball team?  This was my Nirvana.  My solace.  My sunshine on a rainy day.  And yes, the losses are frustrating, but there is no reason to go into full-out panic mode yet.  I’m reserving this until after UK plays Louisville, which I still expect UK to win.  You should not give up yet either and here are a few reasons why.

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Yes, it has become a giant facepalm for the BBN and has become the punchline to any UK joke, but I still am kind of encouraged by it. Usually we get the “This team is not very good” talk at the beginning of the season with John Calipari, but he talked this team up as possibly being one of the greatest teams of all time. I actually take comfort in know that he saw enough in this team to make that comment and I generally think Calipari expected this team to go 40-0.

And if John Calipari saw enough in this team to make that bold statement, I still believe the talent is there. It just has to gel and remember, most of this team is just 11 games out of high school.  I will give the team a pass for youth … for now.

But it’s time to grow up … and fast.

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