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Real Basketball Moms of Kentucky: Worst Idea Ever!

The sport of basketball is a way of life in Kentucky. Not only at the college basketball level but high school as well. Growing up, everyone always dreams of playing in the Sweet 16 High School Basketball Tournament.

Imagine my dismay when I saw this headline, Real Basketball Moms of Kentucky, at The New York Times. A little part of me died inside when I read it.
Overaggressive parents hollering from the stands have become a cliché of American childhood, but these moms have turned parental cheering into an art form — and, they hope, a business. Six Kentucky families have signed a deal with NorthSouth Productions, a television company, to make a reality show about their hoops-mad families.

Please don’t. Some areas of Kentucky are already seen as a laughing stock due to the stereotypes that exist. I won’t re-enforce it by naming said stereotypes but a program such as this would be fodder for many radio programs out there.

Why do they want such a program on the air?

The mothers say they want to draw attention to their sons in hopes of drawing a college scholarship. But their zeal has raised the eyebrows of the boys’ coaches, as well as the boys themselves.

This won’t help. Scholarships are earned by playing in AAU events, high school tournaments, and being recruited by coaches themselves. Show me a coach that watches such garbage as this proposal and I guarantee that they won’t last long on the job.

Can you imagine Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari sitting in the sidelines to watch high school players with cameras on him?

Real sports fans would not watch such a thing. Myself included. It’s bad enough that parents humiliate themselves by being obnoxious at sporting events. But national television? No thanks!

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