Kentucky Wildcats: John Calipari Post-EMU Presser Video and Transcript

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Video of Kentucky Wildcats Head Coach John Calipari’s post-Eastern Michigan press conference:

And here’s the transcript: 


On the play of Willie-Cauley-Stein:

“Willie is playing well. He still faded away on a couple shots that he didn’t need to. The good news is he’s really confident in himself shooting free throws now. That makes a big difference in how you play because now you’ll be aggressive and try and score because you’re not afraid to get fouled.

“All in all, to play a team, they were holding people to 33% from the floor. They were first in blocked shots in the country. They were shooting almost 50% from the floor. We hold them to 36 and can’t make a jumper James Young and still played okay.

“I thought, again, we got better. We got better because the twins (Aaron and Andrew Harrison) played harder, longer. They’re still a ways away. Let me tell you, they’re a ways away.

“I thought Julius (Randle) in the second half ran the floor and did what he had to. I’m going to tell you, we’re going back to old school. Any of you ever played basketball or do you just write? If you ever played, did you ever see when they used to tell you to put your hands behind your back and defend that way? That’s how we were all taught. They made you put your hands behind your back, both hands, defend the guy if he’s trying to go around you. The only thing you could do is move your feet.

“Guess what we’re going to do? We’re going back to that. You may say, ‘That’s seventh grade.’ I don’t really care. What we did prior to, legwork. Do you know what wall sits are? Do you know? So when you went away to camp, they made sat you against a wall because you were a bad kid or whatever.

“My talk to the team before practice five, six minutes, they’re wall sitting and they’re carrying a 50 pound sack that they’ve got to pass to each other for like six minutes. Why? Because I can’t get them into a defensive stance. At least seven minutes, they’re going to be down.

“Then we did legwork. Remember when you’re competing against the guy, slide, slide, slide. We did that. Now we’re going to put lines on the court and you got to keep the guy in front of you and not let him around you with your hands behind your back. It’s what we got to do.

“I mean, again, we’re getting better. We’re showing signs. Coach (Joe B.) Hall made me feel really good yesterday. Said, ‘Would you stop. You have the youngest team in the country. Not always going to come on your terms. It will hit them at some point and you’ll say, ‘Wow, they’re finally figuring it out.’’

We’re not there yet.”

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