Nov 23, 2013; Athens, GA, USA; Kentucky Wildcats head coach Mark Stoops shown on the sideline against the Georgia Bulldogs during the second half at Sanford Stadium. Georgia defeated Kentucky 59-17. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

WBN Nightcap: Change Coming to Kentucky Football

WBN - Nightcap

Mark Stoops wasn’t a happy camper following last night’s contest versus the Georgia Bulldogs. His demeanor in the post game press conference seemed to be a mixture of exasperation, disappointment and just plain old anger. He said what everyone has been thinking for 3 years. It isn’t good enough. Not just the talent he was left by the prior coaching staff(s) but the effort, the execution. There was none it seemed at times.


Stoops made reference to something I’ve heard for weeks but didn’t want to talk about out of respect for individuals. There will be attrition again this off-season. Probably more than last. Fans may find out as soon as this week’s game with Tennessee. There will be some guys who graduate early and move on from Kentucky football. Others will look to transfer for playing time and still other will be asked to leave. Because this isn’t cutting it. Stoops and Neal Brown didn’t magically forget how to coach when they landed at BluegrassAirport.  That’s why you see them get so mad. You can’t get upset with someone for their talent level, but you most certainly can effort.


There are some players on this team that haven’t figured out that Kentucky football is serious now. The old way of doing things isn’t going to cut it and if you aren’t helping the team then you are hurting. Those guys need to go. Again I won’t name names and not everyone who will be moving on is a cancer, but some guys with talent won’t be here in 2014. Kentucky will field an extremely young roster next season and that doesn’t look good for the win/loss column again. But the improvements that we have seen from this season should increase. Guys who play and practice hard are going to be the guys who see the field on Saturdays.


2015 continues to be the year that everyone should expect a winning season. There is a reason that UK wants Commonwealth renovated by then. Three Stoops recruiting classes will be on campus and two will be veterans by that time. Once talent and effort meet it will pay huge dividends for Wildcat football and it may be the first happening as such since the 1970’s.


Fans needs to stay the course as well though. The players have no one to blame for their actions but themselves but it can’t help that they are discouraged by their own fans. Now, I know it’s normal to have some crazies in the group and for good fans to be frustrated with losing. That happens everywhere. But some of the faithful are giving up and that just makes it so much harder. If you want something great, then you have to make it great in this life, you can’t just wait around for it to happen by itself.



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