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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Stop UK by focusing on Julius Randle?


Julius Randle has left a lasting impression on his opposing teams and coaches after every game. He has the motor of a winner and the drive of a king. Randle is a monster on the court and becoming a problem for other teams to handle. The only thing they can plan to do is try to stop him, but that leaves the other four players on the court with less pressure creating a catch 22 for the opposing team.

With the immense amount of talent pouring from the Kentucky Wildcats roster, putting more focus on a single player leaves other players open for opportunities to shine and they will sure take advantage of that. There is no real game plan on how to truly stop the Wildcats right now, Michigan State was just lucky to shake them up at the beginning and have the Wildcats miss way too many free throws.

There is no rhyme or reason to why the Wildcats missed that many free throws that night, they have greatly improved over the last few games afterwards, making them even harder to beat. While Randle and company are improving as a team and individuals, other teams are just left in the dust trying to find a way to stop these Wildcats. It has been proven that stopping Randle is unlikely to happen while also a poor choice due to the rest of the talent on this team being open to shine. Good luck, opponents.


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