Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: 7 Degrees of Texas-Arlington Mustangs

Mandatory Credit: Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats, coming off an 87-49 win against Robert Morris Colonials, will face the University of Texas at Arlington Blaze Tuesday night at 7:30 in Rupp Arena.

UT Arlington (2-2) is coming off an 83-73 loss to Cleveland State on Friday.

Tomorrow’s matchup will be the first time the two schools have ever played against each other. As you’re likely unfamiliar with the Mustangs, here’s your 7 degrees to get you up to speed on how the two schools are related:

  • Oozeball is a UTA tradition hosted by the Student Alumni Association and Campus Recreation to raise money for the Student Alumni Association Sophomore Scholarship. In Oozeball, students play volleyball in artificial mud pits.  Oozeball has become one of the most popular student traditions.


  • UTA is about 900 miles Southwest from Lexington, Kentucky.
  • In this day of conference realignment, UTA has seemingly always been directionally aligned with their conference. A charter member of the Southland Conference in 1963, UTA joined the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) on July 1, 2012. WAC being exactly what a good Oozeball match may be named.
  • Kentucky has never lost a game against a Western Athletic Conference opponent (7-0) but has lost to a Southland Conference opponent before (7-1). The sole loss coming against Northwestern State in 1988.
  • 1988 was the final year of the Eddie Sutton experience, where Kentucky went 14-19. The Wildcats also lost a game to Bowling Green.
  • Kentucky is 46-6 against Bowling Green’s Mid-American Conference, having only lost to two other schools (Miami, OH 22-4, and Ohio 14-1).
  • Kentucky will face Eastern Michigan on 11/27 at 4:00PM, giving the MAC a shot at adding a new school to the list of teams to have beaten the Wildcats.

There you have it – from a brief intro into the directionally aligned UT Arlington to the Kentucky Wildcats in 7 steps.

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