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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Pressure Cats


The 2013-2014 Kentucky Wildcats are under a tremendous amount of pressure. This pressure is flowing from coaches, fans, teammates and even themselves. Ranked preseason #1 with little experience the young Wildcats were faced with a strong, experienced #2 Michigan State team in their third game of the season. With the pressure of a 40-0 season that media and many fans have been putting great emphasis on, the pressure to win was too much for these young guys.

After a not so great first half, where they didn’t look like a #1 ranked team, or even a top 10 team, they didn’t let that define them. They came out full force with a vengeance in the second half with a will to win, getting the game much closer and even tied with little time remaining. Missed free throws and less turnovers could have swayed the game in Kentucky’s favor, but that’s not what happened. Freshman mistakes happened. Beginning of the season mistakes happened. Kids with a lot of pressure instilled in them,  mistakes happened.

Was anyone disappointed? I don’t think so. This young team that has more pressure on them than any team in the country. This team is one that had only played handful of games kept up with an experienced, ranked #2 Michigan State team. If anything, this game showed that once these young guys get the new season jitters out of the way, they’ll be on another level, a level that no one else will reach this season.

Plagued with pressure but blessed with talent and heart, these Cats have little to worry about and shouldn’t focus much on the loss to Michigan State, while other teams should be worried, a close loss to the #2 team in their third game of the season, who would want to play them in March?

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