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Despite Record, Mark Stoops And The Kentucky Wildcats Are Getting Noticed

With a second win under his belt, Mark Stoops hopes that his team will gain some more confidence and navigate the last part of the season with some more wins. Even if they do not, however, this team will end the season no worse than a 2-10 record. While this may seem that the team has made no improvement from last season, anyone watching knows that this is not the case. These young Kentucky Wildcats have learned to play with passion and excitement, something that last years team lacked. This same fire has allowed the overmatched Cats to hang around in games they were not supposed to, South Carolina being the most prominent in people’s minds. This marked improvement is finally being noticed by those outside the fan base and local media. In Saturday Down South‘s “13 biggest takeaways from the SEC’s week 10,” they wrote about Stoops Troops bouncing back with a win after a 5-game skid.

Kentucky finally gets back into the win column for Mark Stoops. The Cats could finish the year 2-10, the exact same record as last year, but they are a better football team. However, that Tennessee game could be more than interesting. Jalen Whitlow finished with 287 total yards and four TDs. He’s a difference maker when he’s in there, and he needs to stay healthy in remaining games against Mizzou, Vanderbilt, Georgia and Tennessee.

As they have mentioned above, Jalen Whitlow is a big part of whether this team sinks or floats down the stretch. Quarterback play has been this teams weakness all year. Whitlow is being given the opportunity to show that he is an SEC caliber quarterback. It is now up to him whether or not he takes the reigns. Regardless of what happens, however, this team had shown improvement under Stoops. With next years class coming in, fans can only expect that the wins will start coming more frequently.

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