Third Quarter Update: Kentucky 48 - Alabama State 14

Alabama State started the third quarter with the ball at the ALST 20 yard line.  However, thanks to a flag they were force by to their own 10 yard line.

It would appear as though the Hornets fumbled the ball, but the officials ruled the ALST player down.  Stoops however would challenge the play and win the challenge, Kentucky ball.

Kentucky would drive the ball down the field and nearly score a touchdown.  However, the Cats would have to settle with a field goal. 34-7 Kentucky.

The Cats continued to rush and pass well against the Hornets and scored another touchdown, putting the Cats up 41-7.

During a return attempt, the Hornets fumbled the ball and a UK player had a chance to recover, however the ball rolled out of bounds.  Alabama State was forced to start on their on 9 yard line.  Which eventually forced the Hornets to punt.

Kentucky started the next drive on their own 40 yard line.  During this drive, a scary moment for the Cats as Ryan Timmons looked went down awkwardly and was slow to get up.

Alabama State would score again though off of a 62 yard pass to make the score 48-14, Kentucky.

Kentucky finishes the third quarter with 233 rushing yards, 180 passing yards and 413 total yards.  So far the Cats have had no interceptions or turnovers.

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