Second Quarter Update: Kentucky 31 - Alabama State 7

Kentucky started the 2nd quarter by scoring a touchdown, putting the Cats up 21- 7.

Alabama State tried their best to rush and pass against the UK defense, however it would not be enough in the 2nd quarter.  The Cats forced turnover after turnover.  The Hornets were even backed into their own end zone several times and nearly coughed up a safety.

However, the Cats would regain position of the ball and would start at the UK seven yard line.  From there, the Cats would score from a pass from Jalen Witlow to Montgomery to make the score, 21-7 Kentucky.

Montgomery appeared to be injured after the play.  However, he did walk off the field.

Later in the quarter, during a punt attempt, the ball bounced off of a UK player and nearly was recovered by an Alabama State player.  Luckily, the Cats recovered for a 1st and 10 on the Alabama State 41.  On the drive, Witlow would fumble the ball near the red zone, however the Cats would recover.  Witlow on the next play completes a pass to Robinson to nearly score a touchdown.  From there, the Cats would turn the ball over on down to leave Alabama State on their own two yard line.

The Hornets slightly eased out from the shadow of their own end zone, however would be force to punt.  UK started at their own 29 yard line.  However, the Cats would have to punt as well, putting the ball on the Alabama State 26 with nearly a minute left on the clock.  After a few key plays, the Cats looked as though they might have had a chance to score a touchdown, however settled with a field goal.  31-7 Kentucky.

Kentucky ended the 2nd quarter with 196 rushing yards and 79 passing yards, with 275 total yards.  The Cats scored 17 points during the 2nd quarter and is leading 31 to 7 at the half.

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