Kentucky Wildcats Basketball 2013-14 Preview: #44 Dakari Johnson

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From ESPN Insider:

Dakari is a true force whenever he steps on the court. He plays up a grade in the 15 & Under division and he is still dominant. He has a strong body and good hands. His feet and footwork are good for a player so young. He is an excellent scorer inside and his teammates make a concerted effort to get him the ball in the paint. He scores mostly off short face up shots in the lane but will show an occassional post move scoring over his left shoulder. Johnson is an excellent rebounder with his big body and strong hands.

From Coach

“Dakari’s improvement over the last year and a half has been phenomenal. His ability to be a true low-post threat adds an important piece to what our team will really need. He’s patient when he gets the ball on the block and has a great understanding for how to use his size for a kid his age. Dakari is a great student and a great kid. He’s won a high school championship, a world championship with Team USA, and he said he wants to win a national championship with us and an NBA championship. That statement says a lot about the type of winner he is.”


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