Blue-White Postgame transcript of John Calipari

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The full transcript of John Calipari’s post-game press conference after tonight’s Blue-White scrimmage, courtesy of FastScripts by ASAP Sports

Q. On providing spring tuition for two students.

COACH CALIPARI: I did something like this when I was at UMass and a guy reminded me of it when I was in town, and I thought, yeah, we ought to do something like that here. So I had done that in 1994 ’95, and just popped in my head, and I told DeWayne (Peevy), like typical thing, let’s do it tomorrow. He said, what? I said, figure it out; let’s go. But it was fun. This is great. I mean, it’s a good thing, and I’m happy for them. I’m hearing Josh (Lawson) is all over the place, traveled, did his thing. Amanda (Dowell), now she’ll come to every game, and it’s good. We’ve got a good student body. They’re into this, and so I’m glad we could do it.


Q. Who was the guy?

COACH CALIPARI: A friend of mine who came to town that was in town for two days that was from my UMass days. Marty Jacobson was the guy that said, do you remember doing that? And I asked my wife, do you remember us doing that? She said, now that you reminded me, I do. But no, it was a long time ago.

This was fun. Like I said, it’s something we can do, and it’s something we can do at some games, so it’ll be fun.


Q. Once a year?

COACH CALIPARI: If you help me we can do it more than that if you want. (Laughter).


Q. Did you like how they ran and just your overall first thoughts?

COACH CALIPARI: Yeah, it’s a scrimmage. We haven’t done pick and roll defense you could tell. We’re still figuring out transition defense. But what you found out is you saw Dominique (Hawkins) now you understood I had to trap him so he wouldn’t go for 50 today, so I had the one team trap Dakari (Johnson) because he was going to kill them. He had 10 and 8 I think at half.

You had Dominique. How did Dominique play? He belongs.

There’s that other kid, that big long kid, Derek Willis, who has no conscience whatsoever, just lets you go. Played well.

I thought our big guys did well, our guards did well. Andrew (Harrison), whose knee has been bothered him, probably shouldn’t have played today, but I told him that and he wanted to play. Hopefully he’ll be okay for tomorrow.

James Young is what he is. That’s what you saw today. What James Young could be is forget about just scoring the ball and getting to the rim. He can really defend. He comes up with balls and steals.

I like the fact that we defended without fouling. The officials came up, and especially the SEC official, and told me that this is the best I’ve seen. You’ve got your hands up, your body in. We don’t try to foul anyway. That’s not how we play. I thought it was good. And we’re a shot blocking team, so these rules kind of play to what we do.

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