Jimmy Brumbaugh on Jason Hatcher: 'What he has been doing is unbelievable'

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Credit for this photo goes to ESPN.

The Kentucky Wildcats have had a number of bright spots on their team this year, despite their overall record that has them on the verge of becoming ineligible for a bowl games.

But if the Cats are able to keep recruiting players like true freshman defense end Jason Hatcher, then they’ll be back in the postseason soon enough. Rated as the No. 8 DE in the country by Rivals.com, the expectations were high for Hatcher to “eventually” become an impact player, but with a defensive line full of veterans and potential NFL Draft picks, playing a lot as a true freshman wasn’t something many expected to see.

But his desire to make an impact now has led to him starting in two games while playing significant snaps in every game, and the coaches have been very impressed at what he’s done thus far.

Per Larry Vaught:

Jason for a freshman and what he has been doing is unbelievable. He works and wants to be good,” Brumbaugh said of the Louisville native. “He has a hurt hand right now, but I will take him. I have been lucky to have him. A guy like that that wants to work and get better.”

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