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Anthony Davis Set For A Break Out Year

Anthony Davis has been putting in work this offseason…and it is paying dividends! Every morning before the Pelicans would take the court for summer league practice, Davis would be in the gym. Each morning, he would put in a two-hour workout with the team’s strength and conditioning coach, Carlos Daniel. The thing crazy thing about this…Davis was not even on the summer league team. His spot on the roster was set in stone. Davis was simply there on a voluntary basis, working hard to improve his game. This went on for two weeks, after which he moved on…to the USA Basketball minicamp that was being held at the same place.

The workouts are paying off, showing tangible results in multiple ways. The first way is in his physical stature, where he has been able to add on ten pounds this offseason. This is vital to someone who has a frame as thin as Davis, especially when taking a beating down in the post as he so often does. In addition to the physical change, Davis has added some new moves to his arsenal. During the preseason, he was able to put these moves on display. These included driving to the basket with authority, showing off a soft mid-range jump shot, and unleashing a spectrum of post moves (the best of which was a hook shot which can be shot with either hand).

Davis is hopeful that this extra work will push him into the upper echelon of NBA players. He is looking to take on the role of leader, hoping to take the team on his back. With the offseason the New Orleans Pelicans have had, they should have no problem competing based sheerly on talent. Of course, talent does not always win games. With the improvements and upgrades made, by Davis and the Pelicans, fans should be hearing a lot more from them both. Expect to see highlights from and get used to hearing the name, because he is looking to step it up this season. Anthony Davis, ladies and gentleman. He is here to stay.

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