Game Recap: Mississippi State 28 - Kentucky 22 Final

Despite an impressive second half rally, the Cats fall to the Bulldogs in what could have been a victory for the Cats.

The game started out as though Mississippi State would leave Kentucky behind early as the Bulldogs scored three touchdowns to the Cats’ single touchdown and field goal in the first half.  21-10 Bulldogs.

Even though the Cats left halftime down 11 points, only to get a break by some miscommunication by Mississippi State during a punt attempt causing the ball to roll out of the end zone, giving the Cats two points and tightening the score, 22-12 Bulldogs.

Kentucky wasn’t finished scoring in the third quarter, after getting a key stop, the Cats regained possession of the ball and drove the ball down the field resulting in a touchdown, bringing the Cats within three points, 22-19 Bulldogs.

After the score, Stoops called for an onside kick, and the Cats recover!  As soon as momentum started to go in Kentucky’s favor, it was swept away as an official threw a flag on the play.  The penalty forced the kickoff to be replayed due a Kentucky player being offside.

Mississippi State regains the ball.  The Bulldogs drive the ball down the field and with 36 seconds in the third quarter, the Bulldogs would score their last score of the game.  28-19 Bulldogs.

The fourth quarter was a back-and-forward battle between the Cats and the Bulldogs.  There were times when the Cats could have capitalized for touchdowns and vise versa.  The Cats did, however, score a field goal with 8:16 on the clock to put the Cats within six points. 28-22 Bulldogs.

However, it would be enough to get past the Bulldogs, the last play of the game Maxwell Smith was nearly intercepted looking to throw to a Kentucky receiver and turned the ball over on downs with 21 seconds left on the clock.

The Cats had 325 yards of total offense, 165 passing yards, 160 rushing yards, no turnovers and only four penalties.

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