Missouri Tigers make big jump in WBN SEC Power Rankings

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1.  (1)  #1  Alabama Crimson Tide (7-0) (4-0) – Really no surprise here.  Alabama crushed Arkansas 52-0 last night and shows no sign of slowing up this season.  After allowing 42 points to Texas A&M, the Crimson Tide has two shutouts and allowed just 16 points in five game … and given up just one TD.  We know the Bama defense is superior, but the offense is in high gear as well.  THIS WEEK:  vs Tennessee

2. (6)  #14  Missouri Tigers  (7-0) (3-0) –  I admit, we have been sleeping on the Tigers, but back to back wins over Georgia and Florida have opened our eyes and opened the path for a date in Atlanta.  At this point, it would take a huge stumble for Missouri to not win the East as they have what amounts to a two game lead in the loss column.  Yes, we did not believe in Mizzou, but they proved us wrong.  THIS WEEK:  vs South Carolina

3.  (8)  #15  Auburn Tigers  (6-1)  (3-1) –  To be honest, I am still not 100% sold on the Tigers, but they deserve the big jump after knocking off Texas A&M.  And they have a firm grasp on second place in the SEC West with a pretty favorable SEC schedule until they play Alabama at the end of the year.  You can not overlook at ground attack that is putting up 3200 yards a game.  Look for Auburn to have a legitimate shot at still having just one SEC loss until they play Alabama.  THIS WEEK:  vs Florida Atlantic.

4.  (5)  #15  South Carolina Gamecocks  (5-2) (3-2) – Yes, it’s rare for a team to move up in the power standings after a loss, but it was this type of week in the SEC.  Looking at the rest of the contenders in the East, the Gamecocks are in the best chance to challenge Missouri and as fate has it, they play this week.  Look for the Gamecocks to be ready for this game, especially after Spurrier’s cuteness cost them the game versus the Volunteers.  THIS WEEK:  @ Missouri

5.  (2)  LSU Tigers  (6-2) (3-2) – As a result of losing to Ole Miss, the LSU Tigers threw away their change at a SEC West title.  However, with a win over Auburn and a home date versus Alabama on November 9, they are still very much in the running for second in the West and an outside shot at a BCS Bowl.  For once the Tigers had a high-powered offense to match their defense, but let their season get away from them this week.  Not used to seeing LSU so out of it at this point.  THIS WEEK:  vs Furman

6.  (3)  Texas A&M Aggies  (5-2)  (2-2)  –  Welcome to the SEC version of Dan Fout’s San Diego Chargers.  Johnny Manziel is the best player in college football, but he is getting himself killed out there.  And the defense is not helping at all, either.  The offense is fourth in the country with 46.9 points a game, yet the defense is 104th, giving up 33.9.  It’s terribly entertaining football, but this team is 0-2 versus ranked teams.  Eventually, you have to beat someone good.  THIS WEEK:  @ Vanderbilt

7.  (4)  Georgia Bulldogs  (4-3)  (3-2) –  You have to feel bad for Georgia as injuries for the most part have drug them down to a very average team the past two weeks.  That said, I still think that if this team is healthy, they are the best of the three loss teams in the SEC.  And thanks to their win over the Gamecocks, the Bulldogs have a shot at second in the East with a pretty decent schedule the rest of the way.  We can wonder as what should have been with this team, but Georgia has a shot to run the table and cleanse some sins and give Aaron Murray a decent sendoff.  A bye week could not come at a better time.   THIS WEEK:  BYE WEEK

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