Interview with Boston Red Sox draft pick Corey Littrell

Former Kentucky Wildcats pitcher Corey Littrell took some time during the offseason to talk with Wildcat Blue Nation after being drafted by the Boston Red Sox this summer.
Daniel Solzman: Corey, thanks for joining Wildcat Blue Nation today. How did things treat you in Lowell this past season?

Corey Littrell: Lowell was a great experience for me this summer. I got a little glimpse of what pro ball will be like. I got to meet some great new guys who I will spending the next chapter of my life with. The coaches there were awesome and really helped make the transition into pro ball a lot of fun. The fans there were also incredible, probably 5-6 thousand every night.

Daniel Solzman: When did you know that the Boston Red Sox would be interested in drafting you?

Corey Littrell: The Red Sox really took interest in me during my time in the Cape Cod league last summer. They kept in contact throughout the season and the days leading up to the draft. I am truly blessed to be apart of such a great organization.

Daniel Solzman: Fenway Park is one of the most historic parks in all of baseball. Are you looking forward to one day pitching from the mound at Fenway?

Corey Littrell: Absolutely, having a ball park like Fenway with all the tradition it has is something you dream about when you are kid. Hopefully one day I will be throwing on that mound.

Daniel Solzman: Who were your favorite Red Sox players growing up?

Corey Littrell: I would have to say my favorite Red Sox growing up where Pedro Martinez and Nomar.

Daniel Solzman: Your father was a pitcher with the Dodgers organization back in the day. How much of an influence has he been in your baseball career?

Corey Littrell: My dad has been the biggest influence on me throughout my life. He has taught me almost everything I know. I was blessed with baseball genes from him and my grandfather.

Daniel Solzman: You were assigned to the Lowell Spinners of the New York-Penn League. How does the Lowell area differ to when you pitched last summer for Harwich in Cape Cod?

Corey Littrell: Lowell is a very unique place. The Cape was very prestigious from all the history it has, but Lowell was a great experience for me.

Daniel Solzman: A few other UK alumni have been assigned to teams in the NYPL. Have you gotten together with them?

Corey Littrell: Yes, if I was playing JT, Jared, Tim or Alex we would try and find time to go out to dinner or we would talk during BP. It was great having them in the same league.

Daniel Solzman: What are your favorite pitches to throw?

Corey Littrell: I am a FB CH guy. I have worked really hard on getting good with those and my CB and Cutter keep getting better and I am getting more confidence with them.

Daniel Solzman: What is the one thing Kentucky coach Gary Henderson taught that will stick with you?

Corey Littrell: Coach Hendu has taught me so much in these past 3 years. I owe him a lot of credit of the type of pitcher and person I am today. The mental side of the game is something that he taught me that I will never forget.

Daniel Solzman: The Boston Red Sox AAA affiliate, Pawtucket, plays a few games each season in Louisville. I know your professional career is just getting under way but are you looking forward to the idea of playing at Louisville Slugger Field within the next few seasons?

Corey Littrell: Absolutely! I look forward for that day when I get to pitch in Louisville. I know all my friends and family will be there and it will be a lot of fun.

Daniel Solzman: Who was your favorite player growing up?

Corey Littrell: My favorite player growing up was Kenny Lofton. Being a fellow lefty, I loved how he hit and how he drag bunted.

Daniel Solzman: Thanks again for joining Wildcat Blue Nation. Any final words for Big Blue Nation?

Corey Littrell: Being apart of BBN is something that will never leave me. It is truly special, you seek UK stickers or shirts everywhere. I have been in Ft Myers for this past month and I have probably seen a dozen UK shirts or car stickers. BBN is something that you will only understand if you were apart of it.

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