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Kentucky Wildcats Football: Jason Hatcher Displays Toughness Mark Stoops Wants

Jason Hatcher is one tough player. It was found out yesterday that Hatcher broke his hand in two places while making a tackle against South Carolina on Saturday. The crazy thing is that he played through the pain. Hatcher said he did not tell the coaching staff about his hand during the game because he did not want to be put on the sidelines. Instead, he opted to wait until Sunday to tell the coaching staff. After some x-rays, it was revealed that Hatcher broke a knuckle and another bone on the top of his right hand. For some players, a broken hand would not be too much of a problem, depending on the position. For a defensive end such as Hatcher however, this was a source of much pain. Having to fight off SEC sized offensive lineman play after play can take a toll on you hand, especially when it is broken. Here is a video from the Courier Journal of Jason Hatcher himself talking about playing with a broken hand.

Stoops and company can only hope that this kind of drive and toughness can permeate the rest of the team for this season and seasons to come. It is this kind of play that makes teams competitive. It is this kind of play that makes teams relentless. It is this kind of play that wins football games. And it is this kind of play that wins championships. As fans of the Kentucky Wildcats, we can only hope that this toughness, shown by a freshman and Stoops recruit, can spread across the team like wildfire and put us on the fast track to becoming a top program. Stay tuned, Kentucky fans. It is an exciting time and does not look to be slowing down any time soon!

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