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Longtime UNC tutor calls out Roy Williams for PJ Hairston handling

Just because Roy Williams is not talking about his decision to allow PJ Hairston to remain on his team does not mean that others are not talking. Plenty of others are talking.

Longtime UNC Tutor Jack Halperin promptly quit his job at UNC, seemingly in disgust over Roy Williams decision to allow troubled PJ Hairston to continue to practice with the team rather than giving him the boot. Halperin penned a letter to Williams, which was published in the UNC Student newspaper:


The letter reads, in full: “Roy, after 23 years as an academic tutor, and after going through the devastating football scandal, I am resigning in protest of your disgraceful decision to allow P.J. Hairston to remain on the team. If I were arrested driving with no license, illegal drugs and a gun in a felon’s car, my employment at this University would end immediately. Hairston’s DTH headline quote was, ‘I will play this season.’ Since when does the criminal decide his fate?

Jack Halperin
Athletic academic tutor.”


It will be interesting to see how Williams acts on Hairston.  UNC holds their version of BBM on October 25th and that could be Hairston’s first public appearance since his summer transgressions.

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