Apr 8, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Louisville Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino reacts during the first half of the championship game in the 2013 NCAA mens Final Four against the Michigan Wolverines at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Pitino gets punked by Boston radio hosts

Let’s admit it. Rick Pitino had been living that semi-charmed kind of life for the past year or so which culminated in him recently being named to the basketball Hall of Fame. However, folks in Boston are still not so enamored of Pitino and remember not so fondly his years as coach of the Boston Celtics. And so it was payback of a sort when Pitino called into the “Toucher and Rick show” and well, was greeted not so ceremoniously.

Here’s the lengthy transcript.

Fred Toettcher: We are joined by Rick Pitino, former coach of the Celtics, current coach of the Louisville Cardinals, who won the national championship. Rick Pitino, hello!

Pitino: Morning, guys.

Toettcher: You stink. You ruined the Celtics.

(hosts hang up)

Boom.  Roasted.  You can hear the whole call here. 

Radio Gold?  Hardly.

Having worked in radio and also being a hard core Howard Stern listener, this kind of radio is embarrassing and immature.  And hardly worth even listening to.  And it’s hardly funny enough for the chowderheads to laugh at themselves for three minutes.

But ….

It was nice to see Pitino get tweaked.  But this was a bad job.  As he was calling in on a cell, It’s likely Pitino did not even hear or understand the “insults” and just thought he got disconnected on.  They should have gotten some reaction from old Rick and made him squirm.

That’s what I’m going to do when I finally get Nick Saban on a WBN Podcast and ask him about his Daunte Culpepper/Drew Brees decision.



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