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Kentucky Wildcats Football: Mark Stoops Trying To Move Toward One Quarterback

Four games into the season, Mark Stoops and Neal Brown have still not been able to tab one quarterback the primary starter. It seems that every time one has a great week of practice, they’ll go out the next game and revert back to their old habits. Stoops and company have not had consistent play from Jalen Whitlow or Maxwell Smith, leaving them to hoping that two would be better than one for this season. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. Well, after four weeks of this experiment, the staff is shutting it down. This week, Stoops and Brown are giving one of the quarterbacks the majority of the reps and hope that they respond well. While the staff is not saying whether it is Whitlow or Smith that is getting those snaps, they are talking about how that particular quarterback has responded. In an interview with Kyle Tucker, Stoops discussed if the quarterback responded appropriately to the challenge.

You know what? No, Kyle. To be honest with you, I’m a little bit disappointed. We gave one of the guys more reps yesterday and he really didn’t have a great practice. So to be honest with you, it’s very frustrating. We’ve got to make a decision, but like I said before, I’m not going to panic and just name one just because we’re all frustrated and we’re not getting consistent play out of the quarterbacks. We need to find the right one. And I’m not very happy. I don’t think we’ve been very consistent there. It’s been odd. Last week, one of our quarterbacks looked lights-out (in practice), threw the ball as good as he has since we’ve been here, and goes in the game and doesn’t play as well as he should. Now, we planned on going with one guy yesterday and he goes out and just has a very average to below-average practice. So overall, just not very pleased.


When asked what was next in the decision making process after the lackluster practice, Stoops responded with “We’re going to evaluate it again today and see where we’re at. I think maybe we’ll go 50/50 and make a decision here either tonight or tomorrow.” So regardless of their performance, it’s sounding like one quarterback will be seeing the majority of the reps in practice and snaps during the games for the remainder of the season. Kentucky fans just hope that one quarterback will mean more consistency and better play on offense, something that hasn’t been had yet a third of the way through the season.

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