Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Recruiting: Michigan coming on strong for James Blackmon Jr?

James Blackmon Jr. made the right decision about a month ago by re-opening his recruitment, and ever since that time everybody has assumed that he would follow in his father’s footsteps, and attend the University Of Kentucky. I would love to see Blackmon in a Kentucky uniform, and the odds favor Kentucky more than any other school, but I have another school to watch for in this recruitment of Blackmon Jr.

This whole time every recruiting guys have said Kentucky or Indiana, but I talked with somebody over the weekend and while Kentucky was mentioned the most; Michigan was also mentioned which surprised me at the time. My source was telling me that his dad of course wants him at Kentucky, and his mother wants him to be loyal to Indiana, but Michigan is coming on strong.

Michigan was thought to be in the mix for Devin Booker, and now everybody has him leaning towards Kentucky now as well so of course they would go for another shooting guard if they thought they may miss on Booker. Could Kentucky take both? Yes, without a doubt and it may happen; because Calipari has plenty of scholarships available for 2014-2015.

James Blackmon Jr. is a very athletic wing who can really shoot the ball, and I think he still ends up at Kentucky, but I was just giving you another school to keep an eye on.

I will let you know if I hear anything else, but it seems to be a slightly slow time in recruiting.

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