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Regardless of what happens in tomorrow’s Kentucky Wildcats versus Louisville Cardinals game Saturday, UK fans are probably going to have their share of adult beverages. Both before and after the game. But simple beer can be boring.

That is why we, along with the Barrel House Distilling Company, came up with the “Ultimate Official Unofficial UK Wildcat Cocktail Guide”. The BHDC is a group of UK fans, just like us, who saw the need for a “quality over quantity” distillery in Lexington and Barrel House was born. With that came the next pressing need of a way to rally and organize the BBN and introduce them to the fine spirits of the BHDC and the WBN drink guide was born.

You may already know some of the BHDC products like Devil John Moonshine, Oak Rum, and Pure Blue Vodka, and the WBN guide brings them all together with combinations that is sire to satisfy any Wildcat fan. Here are a few of our concoctions as geared towards football season.


from the Wildcat Blue Nation drink guide



Found a favorite yet?  Wait, there’s more ….

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