Kentucky Wildcat Football: 7 Degrees of Louisville Cardinals

Governor’s Cup will kickoff. The Cardinals have owned the trophy for the past 2 years and look to keep it on their road to a hopefull BCS playoff game.  Kentucky looks for a marquee win and a season defining moment in a rebuilding year.

The two teams hatred for each other is long told, but we take our look at the 7 degrees of Louisville Cardinals for a more traditional look at where the Cardinals came from and how they tie into the University of Kentucky.

  • The University of Louisville has a storied past. Founded in 1784, the University would later win 3 National Championships in Basketball over the next 230 years, the last occurring in 2013 and 1986.
  • The Cardinals colors have been Red and Black since shortly after 1913 when they adopted the Cardinal Bird as the mascot, due to it being the Kentucky state bird.
  • The Bloods adopted the color Red in their founding year in 1972. There is no affiliation of Louisville to the gang, despite numerous citings of gang members wearing Louisville clothing. The image below of Tupac wearing a Louisville shirt is only a picture… definitely not evidence.

  • Last week, Louisville Fan Charles Blair painted his yard to display both his pride in the Louisville football team, but also his misunderstanding of geography.
  • The University of Louisville’s Journalism department offers a large alumni base. One accomplished graduate of the department was Larry Birkhead. In 2003, Birkhead was photographing the Barnstable Brown Party, a notable party on the eve of the Kentucky Derby, when he met former Playboy Model, Anna Nicole Smith. Birkhead would later impregnate Smith and receive custody of their daughter in 2007 after going to court.
  • Also in 2003, Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino was accused of fathering a child with a woman he had met only hours before, Karen Sypher. Unlike Birkhead, Pitino would provide the resources for Smith to have an abortion.
  • Rick Pitino once coached the University of Kentucky to the 1996 National Championship.

There you have it – 7 steps teaching you the ins-and-outs of the University of Louisville and their affiliation to the University of Kentucky… providing a little history lesson at the same time.

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