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Kentucky Wildcats Football: Despite Last Night’s Disaster, The Future Is Still Bright With Drew Barker Coming In

Let’s just get this out of the way at the beginning. The way Kentucky played last night was more a product of Joker’s players than Mark Stoops’ coaching. Yes, the defense missed a lot of assignments. Yes, Jalen Whitlow reverted back to last year where he had little to no accuracy what-so-ever. Could the outcome have been different had they simply played like they had in practice? Yes, it could have been. Regardless of that fact, Stoops is playing with the hand he has been dealt. Unfortunately for him, that hand is not very talented. Don’t get me wrong here, as I am NOT saying they are bad players. They fought and clawed last night with everything they had in them. That is something that was simply not seen under Joker Phillips. This is a direct result of the coaching staff’s attitude. Another thing that happened last night was improvement. Even though they came out sluggish, they picked it up throughout the game and made adjustments that worked later on. It again comes back to talent, which brings about the next point. The future is bright. Very bright! Ladies and gentleman, I bring you highlights from Drew Barker’s amazing performance.

Lex18 put it nicely in the recap below:

The Conner high school quarterback and 2014 Kentucky commit combined for six touchdowns his team’s opener, which was ended at halftime due to extreme heat. Conner is credited with the 40-7 win. Barker also tweeted the following message after the game:

“Also, my loving grandmother passed away at 10am today.. That game was for her!”

Barker had four touchdown passes and two touchdown runs that totaled 398 yards of offense. He completed 8 of 11 passes for 235 yards and four scores. Barker only rushed the ball four times totaling 162 yards and two more scores.

So cheer up folks! Because despite last night’s debacle, the future looks bright with Drew Barker leading the way for a new generation of Kentucky Wildcats. It’s going to be big. It’s going to be exciting. And it’s going to be filled with wins. With that, I leave you with this…..OHHHHHHHHH C A T S CATS CATS CATS!!!!!!!!!!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.scott.501 Andrew Scott

    Regardless whose players were on the field, this was a winnable game. This game is on the coaches, not the players. They were not prepared and fielded the wrong QB, waited until the 4th quarter to admit they made the wrong choice, defense never made changes to exploit the quick passing game by WKU and so on and so on. I expected the defense to be as bad as last year, but I also thought Stoops was smarter than this. Smith was the only upside to last season. Whitlow can not move this offense consistently and can not win. Have Maxwell started, UK could have easily won the offensive shootout. Have Maxwell started, set an early tone, our defense may have played better. To sum it up- Whitlow as QB in 3 QTS=17 points. Maxwell in 3 possessions=10 points which could have easily been 13 or 17 points have they not fumbled in the redzone. There should have not have been a QB controversy, from day one, Smith should have been named the starter and built the “Air Raid” around him. This 2 QB crap does not work! It leads to not being prepared. Maxwell came straight in and moved this offense. At least Joker started the right QB.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.scott.501 Andrew Scott

    Also, the future in my eyes, just had a lamp shade put over that “Bright” light you speak of. I’m not so sure all of those highly touted recruits will stay on board after that performance

  • Lloyd Moore

    I agree, it was on the coaches….. No adjustments whatsoever thru-out the game……………..last year’s guy’s had the same old habits, and still poor fundamentals, we were told that they were faster, better, and focused on game preparation thru-out fall camp….. but what were they really focused on? I expected a little better confidence, and sure they fought hard, and couldve had won this game, but it wasnt really close…………they were pushed around, and had the same old issues like last year………… I personally will not go thru what we did last year again……….

  • Paul Jordan

    It was the first game, so I will pass judgement on Stoops as the most improvement is between game one and two. And to compare what Joker would have done to what Stoops is doing is kind of silly. Joker did not even recruit Drew Barker

    And yes, the class will stay intact. Games like Saturday mean early playing time for the commits

  • http://bbe365.weebly.com/ Brian True

    Is it somewhat of the coaches fault? Possibly. However, it was their first actual game. Stoops has never been a head coach before, so managing was a bit different. As Paul said, the changes made from week one to week two will be tell the real story. Not to mention that fans SHOULD look for simple improvement throughout the season and not expect real results until 2015, as I wrote about a few weeks back. This staff has a lot of culture change to overcome before fans will start yielding results. Give them time and it will come together.

    As for the recruits currently committed. Sure, a few of them may jump ship for “greener pastures.” However, I believe that the core of the class will stay together, as they want to be the ones that turn this ship around for good! If Barker stays committed and comes in next year, he could compete for the starting job right away. If not, then he redshirts and is still a 3 year starter after Smith/Whitlow graduate.

  • Brandon York

    So is the house burning down yet? Lol I wouldn’t think so. I think Kentucky just ran into a Western Kentucky team that has a few talented players that was being coached by an offensive wizard in Bobby Petrino. It would’ve been tough for the Cats in any week, but in week one, when there is no film to study, it was easy for Petrino to pull some tricks out of his hat and confuse the UK defense. I’m just glad they played their hand against you so Tennessee will have a better idea of what to expect! And I personally think that your recruiting class will stay mostly in tact, with some late flips happening on both sides. IF UK can put together a few top 25 classes in a row, I think Stoops and staff will start to present problems to the other SEC schools (especially if Brown sticks around). But, in agreement with you, Joker left the cupboard incredibly bare and Kentucky has very little talent to play SEC football for 4 quarters at a time. And I thought Tennessee had it rough lol. I’ll be interested to see how UK rebounds in their home opener against Miami(OH). They’re a decent team in the MAC, but they lost a good number of weapons, particularly on offense. Good stuff Brian! Go Vols ;)
    (Oh, and Go Buccs)

    • http://bbe365.weebly.com/ Brian True

      Thanks Brandon! haha. Glad to see you’re still reading my stuff. ;)

      • Brandon York

        Was curious to see if you had posted anything else haha.

        • http://bbe365.weebly.com/ Brian True

          Oh yeah. Two a week man! Let’s go!